Narita Airport Guide to Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT)

Terminal 1 Narita Airport (NRT)

Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT) is located about 60 km from Tokyo city centre. Getting there takes about 1 hour by car and 1 hour and 35 minutes with public transport. NRT Airport has 3 passenger Terminals, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 well connected through a Shuttle bus.

Terminal 1 is a passenger Terminal with 6 floors: B1F with the Railway Narita Airport Station, 1F with the Arrival Lobby, with Buses and Taxis, 2F with P-1 – P-5 Parking accessway, 3F with Passport Control, Departure Lobby, Dutty Free and Shopping area, 4F Departure Lobby with Check-in counters, restaurants and shops and 5F with restaurants, shops and observation deck.

The nearest Parking space if you are flying from or to Narita Airport Terminal 1 is the Parking 1 (P1) and Parking 5 (P5).

At Narita Airport Terminal 1 you’ll find a wide number of services and facilities. A part from several restaurants, cafeterias, dutty free shops, ATM’s, Currency exchange, Wifi access etc… Terminal 1 offers many other services and facilities:

- Baggage delivery
- Capsule Hotel
- Baggage storage
- Packing area
- Baggage wrapping service
- Traveler’s insurance
- Body care
- Nail Art
- Massage Chairs
- Lounges
- Airline lounges
- Rental lounges for groups
- Clinics
- Repair service
- Lottery 
- Pet Hotel
- Prayer room
- Showers and nap rooms
- Post office
- Smoking rooms
- PC desk with internet
- Pharmacies
- Coin lockers
- Baby nurseries
- Shuttle bus between terminals
- Persons with reduced mobility services
- Wheelchair rental
- Passenger carts
- Magnetic hearing air loops
- Baby Carriage rental
- Baby’s chairs
- Police Box
- Luggage Carts

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